All our meats are HALAL حلال

Not just another regular lebanese market


All our meats are HALAL حلال

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Fresh baked pies (Manakish),
Sfiha & fatayer



Freshly Baked Pita bread on request


Our Customer Reviews

Patricia Robert
4 Review
a week ago

100% 5 stars all around. Where do I even begin? The Kafta sandwich was flavorful but not overpowering. The beef plater.. I could write a love letter to it, the meat is so incredibly tender, high quality, seasoned to perfection. The rice here is easily the best rice I have EVER tried in my entire life (I’m Hispanic and have had many roces from many countries) the potatoes were crunchy on the outside yet soft and perfectly cooked inside, and the salad… let’s just say I could not it it on EVERYTHING. Forget about the hummus, I could buy a liter tub each week. The owners are he sweetest people, it’s really beyond customer service. They treat you as if you were a guest in their home. Needless to say that we took home the desert and a few other things we couldn’t leave behind. The portions are generous and worth every penny, if you’re in the area, please grab s bite. It’s simply incredible.

Linda Steven
2 Reviews
2 weeks ago
Easily the best chicken shawarma in all of South Florida. I have been to 25 Middle Eastern restaurants in south Florida and none of them come close to the flavor and freshness and seasoning of Yalla. Highly recommend it and the service is lovely from the lady at front counter
David William
10 Review
3 weeks ago
If you like Lebanese cuisine, this is the place for you! The meat is extremely well seasoned and all the dishes are an explosion of flavors in your mouth. My wife can't get enough of their rice and we always take some to go.
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100% HALAL

We pride ourselves on always triying to accomodate all our customers. Therefore, all our meats are 100% certified halal for all our items containing meats on our menu.

Food Prep TIme

All our food is done fresh from scratch. We never pre-cook anything. Most our dishes recquire 15 minutes for prep time after the order is placed. However, some of our items on our menu may recquire up to 25 min after the order is placed. Mainly anything from the Grill.