Shawarma Chicken Platter

Tenderized Chicken Breasts Marinated For 2 Days, Stacked And slow roasted, sliced.

Mixed Skewer Platter

1 Chicken Skewer, 1 Kafta Skewer, 1 Fillet Mignon Skewer, Grilled Fresh, NEVER PRE-COOKED

Yalla Family Platters

Good For 4 To 5 People. 3 Chicken Skewers, 3 Kafta Skewers, 3 Filet Mignon Skewers, NEVER PRE-COOCKED. 

Beef Platter

Tenderized Meat, Marinated For 2 Days, Stacked & Slow Roasted, Sliced. 

Falafel Platter

5 Classic Falafel Balls, Fried Fresh On request never Pre-Cooked. Served With Hummus, Tahini Salad & Veggies. 

Shawarma Mix
Family Platter

Good For 4 To 5 People. Mix of tenderized meat & chicken. Marinated for 2 days, stacked & slow roasted, thinly sliced. 

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